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The B.J. Tipton Masonic Scholarship

Each year Sevier Lodge proudly presents The B.J. Tipton Masonic Scholarship to a select few high school seniors in Sevier County. The qualifications for the scholarships were as follows:

1. A student with an exceptional academic record who has displayed a consistent drive to better themselves through their education.

2. A student who has spent a substantial number of hours 
dedicated to the service of their community.

3. A student who has displayed remarkable 
leadership by teaching or assisting their fellow students and peers inside and outside of the classroom.

We are honored to have the opportunity to assist these incredible students as they further their education!

For more information about how you can donate towards or assist us with increasing this scholarships, please email us at, or visit our fundraising page located on this website. Proceeds from each of our yearly fundraisers go towards growing this scholarship, as well as expanding it to more students that desperately need our help.

B.J. Tipton Scholarship Award Winners







Smoky Mountain DeMolay Youth Leadership Scholarship

The Smoky Mountain DeMolay Youth Leadership Scholarship is a scholarship awarded yearly to graduating seniors in Sevier County. The scholarship funds are raised yearly by our DeMolay Chapter with the assistance of our community. This scholarship is a way for our young men in this Chapter to learn organization, planning, teamwork, and leadership skills by executing successful fundraisers; as well as to learn the importance of charity by giving back to their peers our community. The qualifications for this scholarship are as follows:

1. A student who has lead their peers by example by maintaining as exceptional academic record.

2. A student that has held various leadership roles in either school, church, sports, extra curricular, or other programs, and has demonstrated and proven a consistent desire to help better those around them.

3. A student that has spent a substantial amount of hours dedicated to the service of their community through volunteer work. 

SMDYL Scholarship Award Winners


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